Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo #19–#25 Catching up…

I knew this photo-every-day-thing was going to be challenging…they call it a photo challenge after all.  But somehow life picked up speed since I started and my groove ended.  So tonight I decided to play catch up. 

On a positive note, I have been using my camera more, and taking it with me so that has really been helpful.

What I’m going to do is edit and post the photos I’ve taken in the last week.  So here we go….

A trip down the Lazy River at a local water park…

Project 182.5 – 19

Relief for the super-dry weather we’ve been having…

Project 20 web wm
Project 182.5 – 20


Project 21 Garden Collage web wm
Project 182.5 – 21


The top of a special project…(I’m going to do a tutorial soon)

Project 22 web wm
Project 182.5 – 22

Drummer’s new sport….

Project 23 web wm
Project 182.5 – 23

A day with family at the lake…

Project 25 web wm
Project 182.5 – 24

Today we awoke to  lots of rain!  Woohoo!  It’s been a month since we’ve seen any…we’re just not used to this H.O.T. weather…
Not my greatest photo either, but I had a hard time capturing the rain.

Project 25 web wm
Project 182.5 – 25

So there it is….I’m caught up.  Whew………





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Tracy said...

Nice job catching up!

Take a picture a day, but post them all, once a week....OR get a week ahead by taking 7 pics and pre-post them to show up each day, but changing the date.

Either way HELPS keeping up!!!