Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent - {Announcement}

Advent Pic wmIn effect this has become my Advent journal.  That’s cool huh?  Anyway, today’s reading was about The Announcement.  Not to Mary, but to Joseph.  The account is found in the first chapter of the New Testament, Matthew 1.  Read it here.

The first 17 verses recount the lineage of Joseph.  It’s kind of like what they did over and over in the Old Testament, but this one traces Joseph back 42 generations.  I wonder if he knew this.  I can only go back about 3 generations, and I get stuck.  How about you?  And I thought it extra interesting that this was Jesus’ lineage, but he was adopted, right?  Joseph wasn’t his biological father, but by adoption Joseph’s lineage became Jesus’ lineage.

Anyway, when you think about it, there are kings and priests, prophets and even the founder of the Jewish Race (Abraham) in that line.  Wow.  I read it before, but never thought of it quite like that.  Well, duh….that’s Jesus’ lineage – kings and priests, etc.

Then the chapter describes Joseph as a just man – upright, blameless, conforming to God’s laws and mans, and when he found out Mary was with child, he was protective and still wanted to take care of her.  He didn’t jump right to the divorce option that was available to a bethrothed couple.  So he “put her away” – hid her until the birth of Jesus.  What a lot of pressure that must have been on him. 

The dream was obviously a turning point.  Ever have one of those kind of dreams?  The angel confirmed that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and that Jesus had Destiny!  The situation also fulfilled prophecy, which I’m sure Joseph had studied.  Yikes more pressure!!

But it says in verse 24, when he awoke, he took her as his wife and she had Jesus, and then he knew her (as his wife).  Have you ever just done something seemingly crazy that God had instructed you to do?  I have.  I need to write the story sometime, but suffice it to say…in 1994 I had a dream.    I was 23 years old, just out of college, working my first real job, and enjoying life with a group of friends from church.  Then I had this dream.  It was my wedding. Wedding?  I was the bride and when I came through the door – I saw the groom.  It was one of the guys from out “group”.  Not one that I was particularly close with or even knew very well.  And I knew that other girls had their eyes on him and he on them.  But him?  I asked God.  Kind of like Joseph, I worked through the process.

A year later I was married – to him!!!  That was nearly 17 years ago.  And the man I married was the one for me!  I thought that was CRAZY!  I can only imagine how Joseph felt!!!  Savior of the world???

How about you?  Any seemingly crazy dreams that God has used to fulfill destiny in your life?  I’d love to hear about them…


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pinks said...

I really enjoyed where you went with this. It really gave me a different kind of hope. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to you writing the rest of the story!