Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My return to intentional living...#oneword

Yep, that's my One Word for 2013. Intentional.  

You really wouldn't know it by looking here at my little ole blog would you?  
Even this post is a little late.

These past two weeks have actually set me up for this post though.  I call it ...

"My Return To 
Intentional Living" 

Because somewhere along the way, I lost my way, my intentional way.  Maybe it was caring for the child with the fractured knee who was immobilized and on crutches for five weeks.  

Or maybe it was caring for the same child who caught a horrible case of the flu and was out of commission for a week.  

Or maybe it was the sinus infection I had for a month, the same one I shared unknowingly with my daughter.  

I'm not sure where, but along the way, all intentional living went out the proverbial window.

And here I sit.  Looking at dust thick enough to write in, and plants dry as a bone.  Laundry done only sporadically and ironing stacking up yet again.  It's truly been a season of "putting out the fires" instead of preventing them.

But last week I had an aha moment.  It was that moment of realization - just how far off we had gotten. Nothing earth shattering, just not intentional.

So I "took stock" and made a list of where things had gone astray...

Sadly, at the top of the list - My Quiet time and #hellomornings routine.  Sickness had robbed me of sleep and my time in the mornings.

Meal planning.  What's that again?  It's been so long, I'm not sure I remember what to do.  I've been in the "oh we need that? I'll stop on my way home" mode for weeks now.

Family finances.  Oh man.  This one makes me cringe.  Thankfully, my haphazard receipt tracking has not caused any late fees or penalties, but all I can do is shake-my-head.

Blogging.  Reading.  Household Projects.  All undone.

Looking at that list, I could get a little lot depressed and even more discouraged.  

But instead, I'm choosing grace.  

I'm choosing to see this as yet another season, and another opportunity where I can learn to extend grace to myself as well as those around me.  We all need it.  Desperately.  Intentionally.

So I've stated the problem.  Here comes the solution....

This week was a #hellomornings restart!  Yay!  I've pulled my tail out of bed three days in. a. row. and studied the Word, connected with my Twitter #hmcsm group and more importantly, started the day with my Daddy.

I'm working on getting the kids back into a groove with chores.  We have a system set in place, we just have to get back into intentionally working said system.  Same with me and the dreaded menu.

Family finances are up to date as of this afternoon.  Now I just need to keep them that way...

I'm working on the writing/blogging aspect.  I've been writing posts by hand in my handy dandy composition notebook.  (Sounds like Blues clues - is that still around these days?) That way I can carry it with me and have it while I am in carpool, etc.  

I'm also working on the principle of 30 minutes...setting a timer and reading or working a project for 30 minutes and then moving on.  It's amazing what you can get done in 30 minutes.

And probably the most important change.  Bedtime.  For several days, I've worked hard to get myself in bed at 9:30pm so I could wind down and read for a few minutes before turning out the light at 10pm.  I NEED sleep, and with all that has gone on around here, my sleep cycle has seriously suffered.  
It's truly amazing what you can do when you are rested.

That my friends in my "One Word Update for March."  It's truly a picture of my word - Intentional.
How about you - how are you doing?

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Lisa @ Cow Spots and Tales said...

You've had a rough go these past weeks, but I'm so glad you are choosing grace & then moving forward. Intentional is a great word; blessings to you in your 2013 journey!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Obviously I'm way behind on commenting! But I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed this post and you will get back on track! That's what I'm trying to do this month - hopefully by the time I get to the end of April, I'll feel like things are falling into place a little better. Hugs!