Friday, February 3, 2012

3 in 30 February Goals

February?  Already?  Really?  How can this be?

3in30-e1304446364370Last month I discovered the “3 in 30 Way” and I really felt pretty good about focusing on THREE goals – here are January’s and here are the accomplishments… So I thought I would continue and set my February goals here, for some more accountability.

1.  Household:
We are working on getting the basement in order.  It’s a huge job, but piece by piece it will come together.  I’m going to work on two area this month…
*The pile of sewing/mending that needs to get done.
*Purge/Shred/Re-file the files we HAVE to keep (including warranty paperwork).

2.  Blog: 
*Post and Comment regularly.

3. Personal:
*Continue to work on my morning schedule (quiet time, exercise, etc.) – since the quiet time is going relatively well, I am adding into the morning schedule, a 20-30 min. workout of some sort (walking, pilates, etc) three days a week.  And no appointments until after 10am on my days off (M, W, F) which should allow for the routine to work…
*Date Night with Chris (want to do this monthly)
*Read my three books for this month – Actually, it will be finishing two of them…

Your turn – what do you plan to accomplish this month?



Jodie said...

Good job on your January goals!

Great selection for February. The paperwork is always a hassel and something I have to do as well. Thanks for the reminder for that.


Karen Greenberg said...

Great goals! I like how you set yourself up for success with the planning of no appointments on your days off.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Great idea to break up the big project (the basement) into much smaller, manageable pieces. That will be such a sense of accomplishment when it's done, won't it? Have a great weekend.

Jenni said...

Great goals! I'm hoping to get a morning routine going some day soon. I often just don't get up before the baby since we are still getting up during the night. I wish you the best this month! :)

Mommie Kate said...

Paperwork is such a bummer! You'll feel so good when it is conquered. Great job on the morning routine. #3in30 Blessings!

Sherri said...

Awesome goals!!
Enjoy your monthly date night. :)

Tami @ said...

What three books are you reading?

sharon said...

I like this idea. 3 seems do-able! good luck.