Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday, April 1st!  Can someone explain to me how that might have happened?  April already? I know that the prophets are all talking about acceleration in this hour, but c'mon - April? Already?

Hello Easter Weekend - and the end of the Lenten Season.  It was different this year.  I think it may have started back in January when our church did a corporate fast - so many things me.  

THEN, I was blessed to get to read though Holey, Wholly, Holy by Kris Camealy. truly changed my thought process and set me up for an awesome Easter Week.  By the way, I highly recommend this book!  Kris has such a beautiful way of weaving thoughts on refinement together - it's like you're sitting talking to her over a cup of tea and she's putting words right to the thoughts in your heart.  Honestly, it's a book that was meant for the Lenten Season, but it's applicable anytime you're ready to go to the next level with Jesus.  Pick it up at Amazon here.

Friday evening, Good Friday, we went to a wonderful celebration in our region.  Only about 15,000 people joined in for a night of praise and worship, a few sermonettes by various local pastors, and communion together.  It was tremendously special.  

Then Sunday, Easter, was a wonderful family day.  We spent the morning at church with our church  family, and then we came home.  It was just us, and it was lovely.  We followed through on a few traditions...baskets (which I actually made this year aren't they adorable?), a photo shoot after church on our back porch, a nice lasagne dinner, and naps...

Hello Spring Break - you wouldn't know it by the temperatures, and the snow flurries every so often, but the calendar says it's spring and the kiddos are home for the week, so it must be.

Hello my first Twitter Party!  I joined up with a whole bunch of ladies last night for my first Twitter party!  It was a hoot - I got to meet several new ladies, and even pick up an early bird ticket to the Raising Generations Today - Hope Conference next Spring.    Woot Woot! 

I'm saying "Hello" over at Lisa Leonard's today!


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Beth Zimmerman said...

I was in the Raising Generations twitter party too! Fun wasn't it! I actually won the Life Coaching sessions which is totally a God thing because I am in a very in-between phase of life right now. My kids are grown. Hubby and I are struggling to figure out who *we* are without kids in the middle. I'm no longer home-schooling or working full time. Just hanging out in the in between and trying to figure out if God REALLY wants me to write a book. (I'd prefer that He just arrange for me to make an income blogging since I'm already comfortable with that!) Anyway, I am delighted to meet you (online) and looking forward to meeting you in person at Declare!