Monday, April 8, 2013

I have chosen you...

Hello Monday!

The sun is shining (for a change) and it's the beginning of a new week.

Today's #hellomornings passage was Isaiah 41:8-10. 

Just about every time I've read that passage, I've stopped and found such hope in verse 10 - "Fear not, for I am with you".  It is just so comforting.   As believers in Christ, He is truly with us and we have nothing to fear (only fear itself).  After all, "No weapon formed against us can prosper." Right?

But today.  

Today, I stopped and enjoyed the second half of verse 9, the Promise that come before the "Fear not".  
"You are my servant, I have chosen you 
and have not cast you away:"

I find such pleasure in being a Servant of with Him to see His purposes and plans accomplished here on earth as they are in Heaven.  I don't see it as a "servant" in the sense that I am the "hired hand".  I mean sometimes it may feel like that, but we can't trust feelings now can we?

But the very next phrase is what is blowing my mind... "I have chosen you and have not cast you away."  He. Chose. Me.  He chose you.  He saw so much potential in us that He chose us for the specific tasks and circumstances we find ourselves in this very day.

We can't take that lightly.

And example from today...

When I went to sleep last night, I had every intention of spending today working on my blog.  I knew I had the whole morning to write, tweak, etc.  Then daylight hit, and so did laundry, kids heading back to school, #helloexercise - walking 2 miles, and the phone calls that needed to be made.  All stuff that needed to get done before a lunch date at 1pm.

I have two responses to this scenario.  The first is frustration.  Not getting to do what I had planned, what I wanted was frustrating.  I'm not gonna lie I may even have pouted a little.

The second just struck me actually, through these words: 
"I have chosen you and have not cast you away..."

I have been chosen for this day and hour.

I've been chosen to create atmosphere in my home.

But I've also been chosen to write here in this space I call home.  

He didn't cast me away, and neither did the cares of life this morning.  He loves me too much for that.
It simply gave me something to think about and share with you, dear reader.

Have you felt left behind or cast aside lately?  

Take heart - He has chosen you and has not cast you aside. 
He loves you too much for that!

Have a great week!!

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Thanks for the reminder, Lori!