Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday {Older}

I stumbled upon Gypsy Mama last week in my bloggy travels.  And I was really intrigued by her Five Minute Friday meme.  So when I read it this morning, I decided I would give it a try.  Topic – {Older}.  Really has me thinking let me tell you……

The deal is this….set a timer for 5 minutes and write. 
Only five minutes.  No editing.

Dollie (14),  Me (41),   Drummer (12) on my birthday!

I look around and wonder how I got here.  My, how time flies!

I’m in my 40s now.  Married nearly 17 years. 

A teenager – a high school freshman.  An almost teenager – 7th grade. 

Seems impossible.

But for God’s grace.  He’s so good.

Each season of life as I get Older, seems to get better.  I love each one a little more.

I think I love life a little more too. 

Yeah, it’s busy. And crazy. And honestly, I love it.

Do I love getting older…the physical signs I mean?  Ahhhh not so much.  But I also see how the laughter and the pain of each season serve to shape and form me for the next season to come.

Ahhhh.  God’s Grace.  I wouldn’t want to be getting older without it!


Well, there we have it.   What have you got?



     Head over to Gypsy Mama and read some



Lori said...

Hi Lori,

You are the 5 minute entry before mine. And wow - I look at your page and we have a LOT in common. Our name. I too have a child in highschool - a junior, an 8th grader and 4 others. I too am in my 40's. So nice to meet you. And really enjoyed your post. Now I'm going to take a look at your blog. :)

Shanda said...

I totally agree. While I don't like the physical signs of aging, I have loved each step of my life and even love being 49. I'm not 50 till the actual minute I was born! I'm realizing now that my world is opening up to even more opportunities now that my kids are in college

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Five Minute Friday. So glad you are here! Beautiful post--beautiful perspective! I'm with you--I wouldn't want to grow older without God's grace either. My oldest is going to college in a few weeks...I will need more grace for that! Enjoy these years with your kiddos.

Patty Ann said...

Love your thoughts today, you said it so well!!