Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo #30 & #31 - One Fine Day…

Today was ...  A fine day really…

I found myself alone in an empty house – which seldom happens.
The sun was shining and the temp was moderate – again this seldom happens.

So even though I had a to do list the length of my arm, I made my way to the deck with an ice-water and my Bible and spent some time reading. 

It. Was. Heaven.  Well, maybe not heaven as I imagine heaven much better than sitting on my deck, but still!  It was definitely nice…

AND, I did end up getting a number of things on that list done.  Love it!

One of those things was to completely strip and wash our bed…mattress cover, pad, sheets, blanket, everything!  I did it today because I was able to do this…

Project 30 web wm

Project 182.5 – 30

Then came this…

Project 31 web wmProject 182.5 – 30

I just LOVE a freshly made bed! 
Especially when they are outdoor-fresh!!

All in all – it certainly was One Fine Day!!!

How about you – what did you do today???

Linked up with Amy over at {Friday's Finer Things}.

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