Friday, August 26, 2011

My Day Off

Today is Friday.  Technically it’s my “day off”…from my part-time job at the church that is.  But in reality it’s one of my crazier days, because I try to get so much done around here.

Not today.

Today I took the day off, and my main goal was to refrain from getting in my car.  Seriously.  I feel like I live in that thing….good thing I really l like it!

Here’s how my day went….

Got up and saw Dollie off to school.  Here in the northeast, it’s a tad unusual for kids to be back in school already, but at this particular Charter School, they started this week.

Later, when Drummer finally arose from his slumber, we talked about the fact that I “wanted to do nothing” today, and his reply was “oh, I can help you with that! But you have to commit!”.  Totally cracked me up.  This kid hasn’t done much of anything this summer, due to injury and other circumstances, so he was more than willing to help his Mama out…

Since it was “just us” we decided to have pancakes.  The real thing.  With gluten and everything.  See, Hubs and Dollie can’t have gluten.

One thing I did want to do today was try a couple new recipes.  And since he is my favorite kitchen helper, we went to work on some GF hamburger buns.  Hubs and Dollie spend a fortune on buns to eat burgers or sandwiches on, so when I saw a recipe yesterday, I knew I needed to give it a whirl.  We are having burgers tonight, so we’ll see how they are….

GF Buns web wm

They sure don’t look too bad, so if they work for us, I’ll repost the recipe we worked from…

Then we proceeded to mix up the pancake batter while the buns rose, and got those going.  We made a double batch so he has breakfast alternatives in the coming days.  That is a trick I like to use, especially on school days…make extra of things that can be reheated quick.

Pancakes web wmHere he is working on his pancake…and yes,  those are chocolate chips he added! 

Then while the buns were baking, we mixed up a batch of GF oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Both Hubs and Dollie miss having cookies, so I am determined to find some recipes that we can make up and have on hand for them…especially for her lunches.

GF Cookies web wm

Hubs had one and said it was pretty good. 

If it turns out the recipes are a hit, I’ll re-post them with credits later on.



Add in some quality blogging time and a little time reading on my Kindle and I’ve had a pretty good day. 

How about you?  How was your day? Your week?

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a good day....but you did way more than NOTHING! LOL!