Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday {Rest}

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    5 Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama
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Topic:  Rest…

He looks peaceful doesn’t he?  At rest maybe?  Well, two minutes before I snapped that photo he was less than peaceful or at rest.  He was downright fussing.  And I let him.  He needed to get it out.  Then I comforted him by rubbing his back and voila…a baby at rest.

As I was rubbing that sweet little sweaty back, I had a thought.  We are often like that little one.  We sometimes need to get the fussing out of us so that we can see, hear, and feel the comfort of the Father.  At least I know that’s me.

Come to me all who are weary and burdened
and I will give you rest.  Matt. 11:28

He didn’t mention anything about being perfect and having it all together before we “come”.  He just said come.

Are you weary today?  I am.  It’s been a long, tough couple of months. 

I think I’ll go rest while the baby does…..



Kerri said...

Just popping over from The Gypsy Mama!
Great post!!
Such a beautiful baby boy!!
You are so right, God doesn't mind how we come to Him, just that we come!! Thank goodness He is willing to take me even when I am fussy and whiny...down right grumpy and still rub make back and let me rest!!
Enjoy your rest with your sweet baby boy!!
Nice to "meet" you!!

Jeniffer said...

Thank you for this reminder! So often, especially lately, I feel anything but peace, and I'm certainly not at rest! It's good to remember that I don't need to be perfect, that sometimes I need to get the fussing out before I can truly rest. :)

Visiting from The Gypsy Mama today! You can find me at :)