Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday {Geoff}

Geoff 1989 4x6 web wm

This little guy…it’s HIS birthday today!  This is back in 1989, when he was but eleven, and life was different.

I missed watching a lot of his growing up years, but I’ll tell you what, now he is all grown up.  And he’s made his family proud!

At age 33……………….

He’s a man with a PhD.  (And a pretty cool job…)

He’s married to an awesome Woman of God.  (Tara ~ I love you too!)

He’s going to be a Daddy in December (and a fabulous one at that!).
{Ellie~I can’t wait to meet, hold and snuggle the beejeebers out of you!!}

But he always has been and always will be…my little brother!!!

Happy Birthday Geee-offf! 

I love you!!!!
John Bio WebPS.  By the way…doesn’t he look a lot like the 12 year old that lives in my house today?   They really are alike in so many ways….and the nephew just adores the uncle!!!  Smile


One Last thing to make him smile….
Happy Birthday from all of us!!!

The Sherman Garmong Cousins web wm


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Tara said...

This is the sweetest post ever! Geoff and I both enjoyed it this morning! :-)

Chris said...

Happy Birthday to your {little} brother.

How exciting that he going to be a Daddy. :)