Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Morning Girls

This month (the last two weeks actually) I’ve been doing this Bible Study in 1 John along with literally thousands of other Good Morning Girls.  We have only read through the first 9 or so verses up to this point, but it’s been a tremendous study.

You see, I’ve struggled lately.  Struggled with studying the Word, and struggled with “quiet time” as it were or wasn’t as the case may be.  I literally would pray with the kids, and talk to God here and there, but nothing consistent.  Nothing substantial.

Then over a period of time, three girls at church who I kinda mentor came to me and vocalized their struggles with “quiet time.” 

Ahhhhh….so I’m not alone.  Ok, Lord, what now?

Good Morning Girls – that’s what now.  I came across Courtney’s blog and learned about GMG and their 1-2 verses a day with the SOAP method of study, and I was hooked.  I talked to the girls and we signed up.

Here we are in week 2 and these are a couple of the texts I’ve received from them…

“Our GMG is getting juicier every day…”
”My quiet time this morning was really great…”
”My quiet time was late today, but it was still great….”

I am so blessed.

Not only am I receiving from the Word, and spending concerted time with the Father every day, BUT, I have the honor and privilege to be working with these girls I love so dearly – watching them move forward in their destiny as well!!!

God is just so good.

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Sherry said...

I'm so thankful for the GMG study! It came at a perfect time for me. Really enjoying the way John tells it like it is! God bless you Lori!