Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Baseball}

This is a first for us.  Drummer is playing 12U Fall Baseball. 

Yesterday was his first games…yes, plural.  It was a double header.

Too bad the weather wasn’t as nice and warm as it was on Saturday.

Yesterday we were up against the rain-clock.  But we made it.

Photo 43 web wm

Photo 182.5 – 43
He’s kind of outta practice, after such a long break with the injury and all, but he seemed to do pretty well.

Photo 44 web wm

Photo 182.5 – 44
He’s also been in a bit of a hitting slump.  After we convinced him to put the rec-specs (glasses) on, he hit the ball!  Yippee!  Seriously, putting the ball in play was a thrill…he did get out at first, but oh well……

Happy Labor Day!



Merrill said...

Yay for a hit after putting on the glasses!!! I just last week was finally convinced that I can read and see the computer screen SO MUCH BETTER if I wear my new (almost triple from my last pair) lenses. Guess some of us are just harder to convince than others. ;)

Nancy said...

Oh fall ball! Know it WELL! Our oldest son is on his second season of fall ball. But here is it 105 degrees in the shade, so practice leaves him SO tired. And ya, just hoping he gets the bat on the ball!
Thx for sharing,
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Tara said...

YAY!!!! I'll have to show this blog entry to Uncle Geoff! :-)