Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 1 - I Am A Writer...

Today I started the Great Writer Series

I hesitated for days to even sign up for the challenge, but finally I just did it.  I kept hearing this voice that said: "Who are you and what could you possibly have to say that anyone would want to read?"  

Well, apparently I have something to say, because I couldn't NOT join in with Jeff Goins and about 800 other people learning what it takes to become a Great Writer.  (And yes, I know that's a double negative up there, but that's what it was...)

Today the challenge was...simply to DECLARE that
Yeah right.  Simple my foot.  I mentioned it to my husband, and his response..."yep, you are..."  Alrighty then....

So, I'm a writer. 

Ps...My About You page on both this blog and my twitter account say I'm a Writer, so it must be true...

1 comment:

Sheri M Cook said...

It's true...you ARE a writer! Looking forward to the 15 Days and forming 15 habits to becoming a great writer. Have fun on your journey.