Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Focus {#FMF}

The to do list looms's hard to focus on just one thing.

The calendar is teeming with appointments, games,'s hard to focus, to know where to be.

Focus doesn't come easy for me.  It's a battle.  In my mind. 

To keep the main thing, the main thing so to speak.

The tyranny of the urgent always reminds me that what is urgent is not always what is most important.

This week I had a daughter who just needed time.  
Time.  Time to shed a few tears.  
Time spent with her. 
Just time. 

Life is a series of choices on where to focus my energy.  

Focusing on what is important and not necessarily what is most urgent.

LORD, please help me to keep perspective and maintain my focus.  I always want to be alert and aware of the situations around me that need my attention most...those times when YOU can speak the clearest.  Help me with focus. Amen.


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Dawn said...

I think as long as we're remembering where that focus needs to come from, we're on the right track, no matter how much is piled on our plates--and lately that feels like it's overflowing out of control some/most days...but He never lets us go. He always has us in His loving hands. What a wonderful God we have!

Seams Inspired said...

So true, Lori. What is important really is what is urgent. The laundry & dishes will wait. Focus on the people we love matters most. And focusing on Him will help us to remember that. Great post, friend! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing the 5 minutes friday...looking for to visit more..blessings

Denise said...

Very true.

Meghan Carver said...

Excellent statement about life being a series of choices of where to focus our energy. Can't let the distractions take over!