Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What if...

We traveled to the Nashville, TN area this past weekend to attend the Quitter Conference with Jon Acuff and a host of other fabulous speakers.  It was a conference for dreamers, by dreamers.

Now, I'm not a dreamer, at least I wasn't a dreamer.  As a child or teen, I never dreamed of what I would do one day, or who I would marry.  Life just kind of happened.  
Needless to say, I wasn't sure why we were there at the Quitter conference, until I heard this one word...IF.  

Matt Chambers was talking about finding balance and eliminating excuses.  And when he talked for just a moment about the word IF drowning out our dreams, I literally caught my breath.  

I never thought about it before, 
but the word IF leads to either 

Think about it...

"I'd love to work on that missions project, IF ONLY I had more money."
"I'd love to help tutor children IF ONLY I had more time."

That IF leads to excuses.

Now think about this...

"It's only an hour of my time, but WHAT IF God could use it to ___________?
"It's only a few dollars, but WHAT IF I used it to ___________?

"WHAT IF..." brings HOPE!

It's my new favorite phrase. It holds so much promise!!

I am only a beginner dreamer, but the fire has been lit, and I see so much promise.  Thank you Jon Acuff & Friends!

This is just one of the many "take-aways" from a loaded weekend~

Happy Wednesday!!

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Mandy said...

That is a beautiful thought--IF leading to hope. I like that:) What a great, concrete tip, Thanks. I am coming to you from the WIP Wednesdays link up. Blessings!