Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Determined Abandon

Okay, so there was this little conference last weekend.  You may have heard of it - Allume.  Well, I didn't go...big bummer, but you can bet I'm already praying about next year!  

I was however able to catch the keynote speakers because the wonderful people at Teach Them Diligently offered them in their entirety.  I have yet to listen to Ann Voskamp's, mainly because of that silly little thing called time, but I wanted to share one of my take-aways from Problogger - Darren Rowse's keynote.

Darren did a great job of lacing blogging gems throughout his testimony, things like the idea of following "sparks" -  those seemingly "little things" that happen, that if we act fast, could produce great results, and if not, we may miss something very special.  He gave several examples in the area of blogging and community, but my takeaway was for life in general - my walk.

How many times, oh Lord help us, but how many times do we miss opportunities at the grocery store or the dry cleaner because we are in a rush to get to the "next thing"?  Maybe it's just a smile that will "spark" a conversation in the meat department that could lead to someone finding some peace - the Prince of Peace in their life storm.  I've seen it happen - when I'm looking.

That was awesome, and I'm still chewing on it, trying to absorb the bigness of it, but his final story was just as powerful. 

Darren told this crazy story about being in a cafe and eating an extra large slice of  mudcake. With a Fork.  Nearby, a little girl got the same {extra-large} size piece of mudcake and she ate it...face first.  She went after that thing.  She wanted it, probably looked forward to it all day, and by golly she went after it.

I could totally picture the whole story in my mind's eye as Darren is a great story teller.

His charge with that story was that we "put the fork down" and pursue God with the same gusto as that little girl. 

He used John 6:57 as a text...
As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.
Darren also explained that "feeds" in this passage means "feasts"...big difference.

Immediately, I was reminded of something someone said to me awhile back.  

"We should pursue God with determined abandon."

Determined abandon.  What does that mean?   

Determined = resolute, staunch, decided, settled, resolved
Abandon = to give up control of; to yield oneself without restraint or moderation

God really is trying to get my attention, and maybe yours too... He's saying that we need to let go of our preconceived ideas.  Take the lid off of the box that we've put Him in and make a decision to "put the fork down" and follow HIM wholly, completely, without restraint.  Just follow Him, wherever He may seem crazy at times, but I for one don't want to live so reserved, that I miss the "sparks" or opportunities that He may have for me.

Thank you Darren for your inspiration!  Even though I wasn't in the room, I received the impartation!  You can be sure of that!

There was so much more I gleaned, but I am focusing, really focusing on these nuggets for now.  I want to get it right.   

I don't want to miss those little sparks of opportunity anymore.  

I'm putting the fork down...

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Mary @ Woman to Woman said...

Wow! This was a great post! Thanks for the encouragement to put down my fork and feast on Him with determined abandonment! I really like that!
I'm a new follower and would love to invite you for a visit and, if blessed, follow!

Christina said...

I'm bummed I missed it too! I love the description of the cake and following God with abandon. Sounds like I need to listen to the talks from Allume. Thanks!

Elizabeth @seasonswithsoul said...

I so wanted to go to Allume too, but it wasn't in God's plan for me this year. I didn't know I could find the keynotes online, so thanks for that! I also love this post and Darren's advice to follow the spark. I needed this nudge!