Friday, October 5, 2012

Homecoming 2012

This is Day 4 of the 31 Days of Practice Series.
I had it all written in my head to post on Thursday, but the computer was in use all evening so it had to wait til today.

Oh well, done is better than perfect...

Here's the photos of my daughter's Homecoming last week...

She was actually asked by a young man to attend the dance with him, but she declined.  She really didn't want to go with one guy, but with a group of her friends.  And what a sweet group they are.

One of the moms thought ahead and asked the group to meet at their house so that they could take photos and enjoy a few snacks together before the dance.  What a great idea that was!  I've filed it for future use, for sure!

Here's my girl, age 15 in what we call her "princess cupcake dress".  The photo doesn't do it justice, but the skirt is covered in roses, like a cupcake would be.  She loved it!  And it was so her!!

There you have it.  Homecoming Recap 2012.  So hard to believe!  Today I am linking up with Lolli at Better in Bulk, for PhotoStory Friday.


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