Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings {8/20}

Last week I discovered Monday Musings.  I'm loving the idea of thinking about my week/weekend in the light of these prompts. 

What I'm THINKING about - Right now, there are a number of things going on in my brain.  I have one child starting 8th grade on Wednesday at the Charter School and one starting her Sophomore year in another two weeks.  Those facts alone overwhelm me, but then there is the dance signups, the baseball tryouts, Youth Group, and the list goes on.  I really have to get back in the swing of things!

What I'm READING - The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn.  Wonderful Book!  I agree with the multitude of readers who say that every American should read this book.

What I'm LISTENING to - the sounds outside.  It's early morning, and I can hear the cars on the expressway, airplanes, etc.

What I'm WATCHING - We are excited that this week Jeff Foxworthy is debuting his new quiz/game show The American Bible Challenge.  It airs this Thursday.  More information here.

What I'm COOKING - Well, I sat down yesterday and actually created a MENU PLAN for this week!  Woohoo....haven't done that in awhile, but it's already liberating!

What I'm BUYING - school stuff.  Need to get Dollie a few clothes before she starts her Sophomore year in a couple of weeks.  Stuff she wants is on sale this week, and I have a few discounts, so I guess this is the week!

What I'm THANKFUL for - the kids had a wonderful time at Youth Camp last week.  They came back totally sold out for Jesus, and have a new desire to walk in holiness.  Things I've been saying for a long time are finally understood!  Thank you Lord!

What I'm PRAYING - for a quick end to this bout of summer colds!  The kids both came home from camp with nasty head colds, and I want them gone!

What I'm CREATING - Started working on my recipe binders yesterday, but I think that will take a back seat to the photo album I REALLY want to finish up for my in-laws.  We see them on Saturday, so here's hoping I can get them done!

What I'm PLANNING - still working (actually I need to start working) on our September Weekend away when we go to the Quitter Conference in Nashville!  Woohoo!!!  I have to arrange for the kids and dog, etc.

What we DID this weekend - nothing but REST, with all of us battling these colds...

What I'm LOOKING FORWARD to - though the craziness increase, I am looking forward to resuming our regular schedules.  Summer is great, but even the weather has already shifted, so it just feels like it's time...

A PHOTO to share - I received this beauty via text the other day.  Isn't she a doll?  She is my 8 month old niece who lives 9 hours away (booooo!)  But I do love me a photo now and then!
Ok, so that's it from me.

Happy Monday!!


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Charlotte said...

I heard an advertisement for the Bible Quiz Show on the radio and got excited about it....but we don't have cable so I don't think we can see it! That is what the internet is for.... :-) Have a blessed week!