Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Morning Binder

HelloMorningsMonday the challenge starts!  The Hello Mornings Challenge that is.  Have you signed up yet?  It's going to be great!

Today I set aside some time to pull together my binder (oh how I love binders!) for my Morning Time, so that you know, it goes smoothly...because as much as I like binders, I'm not that fond of morning.  

No. I'm. Not.

But I know in my knower that I need this.  I need the time with the Lord before the day gets into swing.  I need the planning and exercise time.  I need the accountability.  And Hello Mornings affords me a plan for all of that!

Anyway, onto the binder....isn't it just sweet?  I love the pattern.  I bought it last summer when I was determined I needed a Home Management Binder.  Since I am seldom home these days, it really didn't work for me.  BUT...when I needed it today, there it was...just waiting for me!  I also have a pencil pouch that is full of pens, colored pencils, hi-lighters, post it notes and flags, etc.  I don't think I'll keep it in the binder because it makes it way too bulky!

Right in the very front, I have My Mission Statement.  
I won't go into too much detail, as I think it probably deserves its own post.  But suffice it to say that it's right there in front so that I can't help but stay within the boundaries I've set for myself.

On the flip side of My Mission Statement is the  
Family Mission Statement that My Man and I put together the other day.  We've talked about it forever, but we finally just did it.  Again it's right there in the front so I can't help but consider it and pray over it.

And last but not least, here are the tabs

The first tab is the Bible Study I'm going to be doing along with the Inspired to Action Girls {#hellomornings}.  I have lots of paper in there too for notes, though I think I'll do the majority of note-taking right on sheets themselves.  

Next is the Prayer section.  I've never been much of a prayer journaller, but there's lots of paper, a Mother's Monthly Prayer Calendar, a Wife's Prayer Calendar, both are downloadable resources that I got from the Inspired to Action website.  On the divider for this section I've also taped some photos of my family...a good reminder of who I'm praying for, don't you think?

The Goals section has my 1001 in 100 list, exercise info, and my 3 in 30 goal sheets.  Again it's part of the process.  To get and STAY on task in the morning and throughout the day!

There is still a blank section....who know what that will become!  The Miscellaneous tab is actually a set of pockets so that I can stick articles and other stuff in.  I also have basic information for the kiddo's schools just to have it handy.

Okay, so that's it.  We start Monday.  Are you in?  How do you "do" your morning {quiet} time?
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Laurie Collett said...

What a wonderful way to ensure you start the day with the Lord, Who will direct all your steps!
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace!
Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace also:
Love in Him,
Laurie Collett

Mary Beth said...

Oh your binder is so cute!! I'm jealous! Mine is plain! I'm excited to get started! I'll see you Monday morning!