Friday, January 11, 2013

Coffee Date {1/11/13}

Happy Friday!
I just love Fridays!  It's really the one day of the week I get to sit and write.  Just. Write.  And for weeks now I've wanted to join up with Alyssa and have a Coffee Date.  So won't you join me?
If we were having coffee today...
...I'd probably be having water with lemon.  As much as I might like something like the picture to the left, iIt would be the No-Coffee - Coffee Date for me.  It's ok though.  We are doing a corporate fast at church and I chose all things "refined" which includes sugar.  I just can't bring myself to drink coffee without sugar and creamer...preferable flavored creamer!  I can enjoy the fellowship with out the actual coffee.
...I'd probably struggle not to throw my long list of crazy right out there on the table, because friends, my life is pretty crazy right now.  Doctors appointments galore, teenage angst, husband traveling, the list goes on.  But through it all I've learned a lot about GRACE.  That's my for for the week...Grace.  Maybe it should have been my word for 2013.
...I'd really have to brag on my 13yo son.  He is really a trooper.  He hurt his knee in gym class the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Walked on it, in pain for over 4 weeks.  Diagnosed with a fracture in the growth plate in the knee two days after Christmas.  Wearing an imobilizing brace for 6 weeks and walking on crutches.  Still in a great deal of pain, and he has a better attitude sometimes than I do.  
...I'd have to ask what your word for the year was, and how it was going, 10 days in.  Mine is INTENTIONALITY, and well, it's a struggle already.  I really have to figure this schedule/blogging/life thing out, because it's getting on my Type-A nerves.  
Think maybe God is getting at a few things during this fast?
...I'd also ask what your plans were for the weekend.  Me?  Tomorrow is Girls Day Out with my fave girl!  She has some money and wants to shop, lunch, and see a movie.  And lucky me - she wants me to come tag along with her and her good friend.  Should be a super-fun day!
I guess that's it!  
Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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