Friday, January 11, 2013

Diving In... {#FMF}

One of my favorite times of the week is when a flash-mod of women get together with Lisa Jo and write.  Just for the sake of writing.  It doesn't take long, and it fills me up.  really, it does.

This week the 5 Minute Friday prompt is DIVE.

I'm not a diver.  Truth is, I'm not much of a swimmer either.  
I don't really care much for the water.  
I like the beach - sitting there watching the waves, listening to them, 
and enjoying the warm sun.

As I type those words, I realize that is pretty much my life too.  
I'm not one to jump right in and get involved.  
I wait.  I watch.  I look & listen.  
Sometimes I enjoy this process and sometimes not.  
But seldom do I just dive right in.  

I like the sideline.  I like the view from here.   

But I like to be involved as well.  It's a weird dichotomy.  
I think maybe that is why God gave me the word INTENTIONAL for this year.   
I need to be intentional about not sitting on the sideline all the time, but maybe 
taking a few risks...getting involved...diving in...
Intentional 150

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Mia De Vries said...

Hi Lori
Nice to meet you at FM.f.
You sound as If you know the secret of Mary, who sat at our Lord's feet. As far as the world is concerned, a Martha is much more acceptable. Don't even think of leaving your place of rest. Remember, He says in Isaiah that in quietness and confidence lies your strength!
Hugs XX