Friday, January 6, 2012

The Fallsview Get-away

About a week before Christmas Chris and I had the opportunity to get away for an overnight!  The first in a good long while!  Since we live in Western NY, heading to Canada to stay near the Falls is not a huge stretch.  Yes, we are blessed!
When we arrived at the hotel and checked in on Sunday afternoon, it was C.O.L.D. and we could see lots of freezing mist from the falls which was freezing on the trees!  Sooo pretty! But incredibly cold!  These photos were all shot from the window in our room!!
Fallsview 1 wmFallsview 2 wm
Then, as I was snapping a few photos in one direction,
Chris pointed out the rainbow!  Love it!
Fallsview 3 wm
Part of the package we had was dinner.  It was NICE.  They had a shuttle for us and everything!  Dinner was lovely, and it included a singing wait staff.  Our waitress told us it was “part of the job description.”  How cool is that?!?  I couldn’t work there, but I enjoyed it!  We had a nice table by the fire and the food was delish!!!
We also had conversation!  God really led us and we talked about our hopes and plans for the new year and all that we feel God is going to do.  We are not big on resolutions, but we do feel change is necessary and indeed imminent!
And what better way to end our time than a sunrise like this?
Fallsview 4 wm
God really met us this weekend.  We walked away not only refreshed and renewed, but re-connected and we have a vision and a plan for this year!!!  What could be better than that!?!
How about you – do you do this kind of planning?
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