Friday, January 27, 2012

Five Minute Friday–Tender

Each Friday we gather with Gypsy Mama and write for a mere five minutes on a single topic.  Today the word is tender.  And boy this was a tough one….(pun somewhat intended…)

Ellie 3 wks

Photo is my brother holding his 3 week old baby daughter in the palm of his hand…



Tender are soft words spoken between husband and wife.


Tender is holding your newborn babe for the first time. Or any newborn for that matter…simply miraculous.


Tender is holding your teen daughter as she cries over the loss of a friendship.


Tender are kind words spoken after a disagreement – forgiveness.


Tender are the “words fitly spoken” by a true friend – honesty, trust.


Tender is the Holy Spirit who leads and guides in all situations, relationships and life itself – love.





Annie said...

Oh, yes. I resonate with these sweet tender places, every one of them. Thank you.

Jennifer Camp said...

You capture so much beauty in being vulnerable, in love and in community. Thank you!

Cassi said...

Lovely post