Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Minute Friday - AWAKE

ClockPhoto Credit: dascrooge

I giggled to myself just a little bit when I opened my RSS this morning and found that Gypsy Mama had chosen the word AWAKE for her Five Minute Friday topic.  I knew this was one week I wasn’t going to miss…

Here we GO.

Awake.  I’ve been awake a lot in these past few weeks.  A Lot.  Between Drummer and his seemingly endless nights of feeling sickly over the holidays and the month of January, I have been awake.

January at church was designated as a Corporate Fast.  Everyone fasts. Every day.  You choose the “way” with the direction of the Holy Spirit, but it’s up to you. 

I felt led to fast sleep.

Strange huh?  Well, a fast is about denying the flesh, and what I’m learning as I get up each day at dark-o-clock, is that my flesh is feeling it.  You see, I like to sleep.  I crave it.  I will avoid other things for it.  It had to be fasted, in order for me to discover these things, and admit them.  That’s the key.

Have I taken a nap or two.  Yeah, late in the day usually when I still have many hours left, but only 15-20 min. The key for me has been getting up and spending that dark, early time with My Maker…and enjoying it.   I am learning so much about Him AND ME!  Imagine that.

Will I continue to get up like this after January is over?  I don’t know.  I hope it becomes a habit, because I kind of like the effects….but will I be able to continue denying this flesh of mine? We shall see…….


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Stacie said...

What a neat idea, to choose various types of fasting over a course of days. Very cool.

Brandy said...

That is awesome! I should start getting up earlier! I pray that you can make this a habit beyond January!! Thanks for sharing

Amy said...

Very interesting. Whenever I think of fasting, I think of food. Fasting sleep as you mention makes sense, though, and I imagine it would bring one closer to God.